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Juniper to Host Networking Field Day Jan. 20
Jan 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Juniper Networks will be hosting a Networking Field Day event on Friday, Jan. 20 at 10:30 a.m. PST.


You may be wondering: what is Networking Field Day?  And why is Juniper hosting it? Here’s some background.


In 2009, a group of independent bloggers and networking influencers formed an online community dedicated to the latest trends in networking: cloud and mobility. These bloggers and influencers were dissatisfied with the limited interactions at traditional conferences and trade shows, but they also understood it was unreasonable to expect companies to participate in one-off briefing calls, too. So Networking Field Day was conceived as a way for influencers and companies to get together on a regular basis to hold in-depth discussions and dive deep into networking technology. For each event, participants visit between six and eight companies, talking with representatives about their respective technologies. Over the years, Juniper has sponsored multiple Networking Field Days. 


Now you are invited to tune in on Jan. 20 and hear top industry experts discuss the very latest advances in network automation and workflow.  You’ll have the opportunity to eavesdrop on in-depth technical discussions and watch demos of Junos OS, custom YANG data models, OpenConfig, the Junos Extension Toolkit (JET)—even a deep-dive into streaming telemetry.


We are pleased to announce that the following participants will be on hand to discuss our technologies at the Networking Field Day event:


  • Nitin Kumar, Vice President, Juniper Fellow, Juniper Networks
  • Gurudatt Shenoy, Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks
  • Edward Arcuri, Director, Global Center of Excellence, Juniper Networks
  • Greg Ferro,
  • Drew Conry-Murray,
  • And many more…


The event will be streamed live, so be sure to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag  #NFD14, or tune in here for the live event.