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“Look Ma, No Hands!” or: How Infrastructure as Code is like a Player Piano
Apr 11, 2017

“You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class.”


Everyone wants to be classy. Tuxedos, five-star restaurants, playing the piano—all are associated with “class.”  However, while no one wears a tuxedo every day, and few people can afford to eat at a five-star establishment for every meal, anyone can play the piano—provided the instrument is automated.  With a player piano, you can hear Mozart, Beethoven, or Chopin anytime you want by simply flipping a switch—without ever touching the keys yourself.


That same concept applies to Infrastructure as Code (IaC), where everything needed to run an infrastructure can be software that leverages DevOps for collaboration, deployment, and continuous integration. Like a player piano programmed to serenade you with “Moonlight Sonata,” you can similarly program your network to automatically perform the critical functions required for continuous operation.


Selecting the right open-source framework and protocols for your network infrastructure is a lot like picking the right composer:  Ansible or Beethoven; Netconf or Mozart.  The great thing about automation is that it eliminates the risk of human error; just as a self-playing piano can perfectly play the greatest compositions without missing a note, Infrastructure as Code can flawlessly automate your network, virtually eliminating “Shadow IT” and human error.


I would like to invite you to explore the various use cases that Juniper network automation has to offer. Watch a replay of our latest webinar and learn how we helped Oracle+Dyn build an Infrastructure as Code environment that automates data centers across five continents.


There are endless possibilities with Juniper automation.  Visit the Automation Use Cases @ Juniper Networks for more information



Apr 17, 2017
Juniper Employee

Great blog, Ashraf!  I really like the title of the blog too.