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Looking to Increase your Valuation? Consider Recurring Revenue
Jul 27, 2016

As I travel around the country meeting with partner principals, the message of adding and increasing recurring revenue is becoming critical for having a positive impact on partner valuations. Our Juniper “Cable Business Service Program” does just that, by working with Partners such as yourself to help you build a recurring revenue business model that will improve your valuation and obtain higher multiples. The opportunity in front of you to grow your business by offering your customers a complete solution of infrastructure along with connectivity and managed services is tremendous. This will allow you to generate not only more revenue from your existing customers, but also to move your own valuation to a higher range.


By becoming a Cable Solutions Provider via our “Cable Business Service Program” and offering connectivity to your customers, you can not only keep your competitors at bay and maintain account control, but adding network services from the likes of Comcast and other cable operators to the mix will diversify your portfolio and help you gain traction with new and existing customers. All while creating new recurring revenue streams as you build out a telco practice and offer these customers a path to the Cloud, as all organizations need to connect safely and quickly.


I spoke recently with Scott Stevens, Managing Director, Technology Investment Banking at William Blair & Co. Here’s what he had to say.


“IT solutions providers are increasingly looking to value-added services, such as managed services, to help develop stronger relationships with their customers. These value-added services are often recurring in nature, creating predictable sources of revenue, and may include consultative professional services, implementation services and ongoing managed services. The addition of these services can change the tenor of the provider-client relationship from transactional to more long term and strategic. Moreover, higher multiples have been ascribed to IT solutions businesses with a greater percentage of either recurring revenue or more sophisticated services or both by acquirers and the public markets.”





The timing could not be better to engage with our team, as we are now offering an incentive promotion for Partners to join the Program. If you are a Juniper Enterprise Partner, you can sign on with a Comcast Master Agent or Sub Agent to sell Cable Business Services. The rewards are significant. You can learn more on Partner Center.


Let us help you make the pivot to establishing a Telco Practice and adding recurring revenues to your business and boosting your own valuation in the process. Thanks for your support and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


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