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Lots of Assets Make Partner Professional Services an Asset to Your Business
Jan 11, 2016

There is a saying among stock market advisors that you can make money as a bull or as a bear, but the sure losing strategy is to be an ostrich. Meaning you can win betting on the market to go either up or down by buying and selling stocks with a good strategy, but the sure way to lose money is to just put your head in the sand and do nothing. I find this not unlike what can happen with the relationship between vendors and partners. Checking out what is newly available and new ways of working together is key for everyone to grow, but sticking with the status quo means status slow.


Which is why we have created a video specifically for partners in our Juniper Networks Partner Professional Services program (PPS) who want to increase their earning potential with Juniper. In less than 7 minutes you will get a look at the different enablement streams and the various assets you have access to: project collateral, automation tools, workshops, courses and certifications. And it may give you ideas on how to expand your practices. For example, did you know that we provide enablement in the areas of Core and Edge, Data Center, and Automation? Which ones do you want to add to your tool kit? It is all explained in this short video.


For those not familiar with PPS, let me tell you that dozens of Juniper Networks partners around the world have been accepted into the program. These partners have established successful consulting and professional services practices and have demonstrated extensive knowledge of Juniper products and processes. The tools and assets described in the video are examples of the close relationship between our PPS Partners and Juniper, and are a big reason our joint customers have confidence that they can count on engagements from a Juniper PPS partner. If your company is not a PPS partner, but you think you have the skills to take advantage of our enablement program, contact your Juniper Services Partner Manager.


Get engaged and don't be an ostrich! Watch the video and shake things up.