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OpenStack Summit in Sydney – Vote for Juniper Related Talks
Jul 28, 2017

OpenStack Summit is approaching and headed to the land down under on November 6, 2017. For those who plan to attend OpenStack Summit for the first time ordo not know much about the event, this event is hosted by the OpenStack foundation every six month and is a great opportunity for OpenStack community members and developers worldwide to meet and plan for the future. Within OpenStack, there are two events. The conference and exhibition hall where you can listen to all the presentations and visit booths, and the design summit for developers to discuss new features and advancements of each project.


Juniper Networks will be participating as a sponsor in many of the OpenStack activities and will have a booth in the exhibit hall. Juniper has worked with their partners and customers again this year to submit various talks and sessions at the summit ranging from topics such as, Cloud Automation, Virtualization, Security, and IoT. This year, the summit has received an overwhelming amount of submissions from all over the globe and you get to choose which topics you would like to see presented at the conference.


The selection process for the topics is extremely competitive, so make sure to vote for the sessions below and see what Juniper has in store for the OpenStack community this summit.


Make sure to vote today! Voting closes Tuesday, August 1 at 11:59pm PT


How to Vote:

For OpenStack Summit – Sydney 2017, the organizers have decided to remove the unique URLs for each talk based on the community feedback from previous summits. So if you would like to vote for the below talks related to Juniper, you have to search for the talks by copying and pasting the titles in the search bar at the top left of the voting page. The below screenshot is an example.OSS Sydney 1.png


 Before you start voting for the individual talks, you need to sign in or sign up for an OpenStack account. Once you sign in, leave the browser open between searching for the titles below. When you click each title, please chose option #3 “Would love to see!” as shown in the below picture.OSS Sydney 2.png


Juniper led Sessions:

1. Migrating a legacy cloud infrastructure to Contrail SDN based infrastructure

2. Enabling multicast service for Tenants (VMs and Containers) in the cloud > using OpenContrail SDN

3.  Open Stack Neutron SDN network

4.  Neutron and complex SDNs in production env. Managing multiple sources of truth.

5.  OpenContrail ML2 Driver, project overview, development status and roadmap

6.  Unified deployment of Kubernetes and OpenStack on any environment

7.  Integrating OpenContrail into the OpenStack Neutron Stadium

8.  Cloudify based orchestration for Mirantis OpenStack and Kubernetes

9.   High performance low latency network gateways for your OpenStack SDN

10. How to select SDN solutions for OpenStack Cloud

11. Telco Cloud VNFs Cloud Native Architecture in OpenStack and ONAP

12. How to expand OpenStack & OpenContrail CI/CD for Telco Cloud VNFs verification and testing?

13. How to deploy an OpenStack cloud with Ceph SDS, OpenContrail SDN and Leaf-Spine with TripleO

14. IL3 all the way down - from Spine through Leaf to the OpenStack host

15.  OpenStack-Helm: The Ideal Solution for Telco Cloud Life-Cycle Management

16.  SDN Fundamentals and best practices for NFV, OpenStack, Kubernetes and Containers

17.  Micro Segmentation using OpenContrail to provide Seamless Networking in OpenStack, Docker, Mesos, K8...

18. Hungry? We’ve made you a Openstack and Kubernetes Club Sandwich

19. Achieve secure multi-tenant networking across Openstack and Kubernetes workloads.

20. Lifecycle management of Openstack SDN Controllers using Kubernetes concepts

21. Top 5 challenges for next-gen NFV deployments with Openstack - deep dive

22.  Hands on with Juniper neutron plugins

23. Ansible: How to prepare underlay (virtual + bare-metal) for TripleO

24. TripleO dev utility


Customers, Partners, and Friends led sessions:

  1. Performance Analysis Review for Production OpenStack Private Cloud in SaaS
  2. Working Groups Updates and Coordination meeting with UC
  3. Building OpenStack on Kubernetes for Zero Downtime Large-scale Production SaaS


In the meantime, if you are curious about how Juniper Contrail can help with your OpenStack network virtualization and automation, reserve your Contrail Sandbox today!