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Redefining Routing with the vMX
Nov 6, 2014

Virtualization promises to change the network landscape, and Juniper Networks vMX will be a key enabler. Building on 15-plus years of routing research and development, and incorporating hard-won experience earned in the world’s largest and most complex networks, the new vMX packs all the punch of the MX Series without the box: it runs Junos and is powered by programmable Trio silicon microcode, optimized and compiled for execution on an x86 chipset. In fact, the vMXcombines all the benefits of our MX Series with all the benefits of the cloud.


Virtual or physical, the vMX and MX routers are consistent, compatible and complementary, except of course, in appearance.  That said, if you appreciate the immediate gratification of a software download that lets you get on with your work at a mouse click, you will be delighted by this difference.


Customers who have previewed the vMX are calling it “a game changer,” “awesome,” “ahead of the game,” “impressive,” and a term I don’t hear often when discussing routers: “very cool.”  


More important than what the vMX is called is what the vMX does. The vMX helps you increase ROI with by permitting low-risk service innovation and rapid service creation and improve your operations with dynamic multi-dimensional resource scalability.


Check it out here

Nov 19, 2014



two questions:


- on which hypervisor can be installed?

- are subscribers management stuff and h-qos supported on vMX?




Nov 21, 2014
Juniper Employee

Hi Graz--

vMX can be installed on a variety of hypervisors--VMWare ESXi, KVM, XEN. The vMX consists of a Junos control plane and a vTrio forwarding plane. Junos Trio is our brand name for the powerful silicon processing provided by the MX Series; vTrio is programmable Junos Trio microcode compiled as x86 executable software.  By using the same OS and same Trio feature set, the vMX extends the MX Series to the virtual world with all its capabilities-customers can scale out with the vMX and scale up with the MX as needed, offering a consistent set of services and maintaining consistent operations environment.  You can get details on specific feature pricing and availability from a Juniper partner or Juniper sales representative, you can find sales resources here.


I'll make sure to blog about vTrio, and several customer use cases and applications, in trhe coming weeks

thanks and best