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Nov 3, 2015


by Matt Hurley, Corporate VP, Worldwide Partner and Field Marketing


Selecting, purchasing and deploying data centers today can be a thankless job, one that can drive any smart CIO or IT manager to the golf course. It’s complex and time-consuming. It has to integrate storage, compute, networking and software. It has to meet the varied demands of diverse constituents, from employees to customers. It has to be flexible to address rapid changes in the business and it has to be secure. Did I say it was a thankless job?


The industry is providing an answer, however, by way of so-called converged stacks. Converged stacks aim to address the problem of provisioning data centers by allowing enterprises to purchase a plug-and-play, preconfigured data center in a rack. While that sounds good, most converged stacks today are vertically integrated, locked-in solutions from a single supplier.Slide1.png


This is where Juniper and our partners come in. We are solving this problem in a different way with a range of flexible and open choices that allow customers to get the simplicity of a converged stack leveraging open, best in class technology. Our strategy is gaining traction with partners who are building a business around putting together best of breed cloud stacks built on Juniper’s MetaFabric Architecture, Contrail and QFX product lines.


Partners such as Redapt, FusionStorm, InterCloud, InterVision and VirtualArmor have announced or are announcing stacks. They recognize that Juniper’s open approach provides them with a massive opportunity to innovate and evolve their customers’ data centers and cloud infrastructures by building out best of class converged and hyper-converged cloud stacks. It also provides a huge opportunity for value-added services.


We talked with Redapt, FusionStorm and InterCloud recently about their work with converged stacks. Hear what they had to say.


New Junos, New Switches, New CPE Solution


Along with the momentum in partner data center stacks, we unveiled a new version of our Junos software. Customers can now deploy third-party applications and tools directly on Juniper hardware. We also announced the QFX5200 series of switches, the first Juniper switching line to support the flex Junos software as well as the emerging 25 and 50 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Standard. Combined, the software and switches provide Juniper customers with network automation and programmability, while providing flexibility in purchasing hardware separately from software with a pay-for-what-you-need software licensing model and options for maintenance and support.


Finally, we introduced Cloud CPE, a fully automated, end-to-end customer premises equipment solution that is built on an open framework to help customers deliver new services at scale, while improving network economics.


More details on today’s news about Junos, the new QFX and Cloud CPE can be found here, here and here.


So don’t wait. Be sure to get trained on these new products on Learning Academy. And check out our Partner Advantage program for the resources you need to build out your cloud practice in the cloud and data center infrastructure space. In this case, the odds are stacked in your favor.