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Stuck in the lab with SDN/NFV? Juniper can help you make it real
Oct 8, 2015

Anybody that follows the industry developments around SDN and NFV for service providers knows that the most attractive benefit of the technologies is that service providers will be able to launch new services with much more end user customisation, as discussed in this white paper. All of this can be developed in a more agile way that allows service providers to go from idea to revenue in a drastically shorter time than they do today.


However, at Juniper we’ve seen many customers struggle to make the leap from the vision stage to knowing what they need to deploy now. This was summed up by a customer



To help address these issues facing our customers we have put together a Service Creation Programme. The Service Creation Programme focusses upon going beyond the strategy and vision to identify real use cases tailored specifically to the customer context, their target market segments and existing technology solutions. Once an opportunity is developed we work together to justify the investment with a robust business case and a coherent go to market strategy.

In this process we work as joint teams from Juniper and our customers. However, what is different is that don’t just engage with technical decision makers, but also include product management, marketing, strategy and finance teams from our customers.


By pulling together a wide range of teams it is possible to share the objectives of different stakeholders and coalesce around a shared vision that is achievable with current technologies and business processes. By focussing upon the end customer needs and pain points (which are best known by the product teams at service providers) we are able to move beyond “science projects” to real services that have live customers on them.


One example of a customer we’ve worked together with is Orange Business Services. If you want to know more about how they are innovating in this field check out their EasyGoNetwork service that is described here.


If you’re struggling with taking the leap from looking at SDN and NFV in the lab (or even just on PowerPoint) then speak with Juniper about how our Service Creation experts can help you make the leap from a science project to a real live service.