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Think BIG, Start small, Scale FAST!
Feb 19, 2016


Reflecting back in history or evaluating current times, successful innovation starts with the BIG IDEA. But for each and every example of the BIG IDEA, the journey must begin somewhere and the course is gated by incremental and achievable goals.


Let’s reminisce on a few transformational examples:


  • One Giant Leap For Mankind. Mans’ vision to land on the moon. I can just imagine the eyeballs rolling when President Kennedy first brought that idea to NASA. How could we travel that distance? How would a human survive the elements? How do we get the astronaut safely back home? The incremental steps tackling each hurdle one at a time eventually landed Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969. The transformation is how event unlocked our ability to dream big. The pace of innovation is miraculous ever since.

 Think Big.pngThink Big

  • Steve Jobs @ Apple Computers living in an era dominated by the super computers only attainable by a few had a vision to provide each person their own personal computer. In their garage, these geniuses rolled up their sleeves and got started.   Create that circuit board, build that first Operating System, and interface with the user through that basic I/O device.   By 1976 they delivered the Apple I. Fast forward to 2016 and now look at smartphone that dominates our lives.

apple.pngApple I

Memorable examples of thinking BIG, but starting small and scaling fast…


Jump to modern times and we find our thirst for that BIG IDEA is alive and well.

  • Finding cures for cancer and other deadly illnesses that plague humanity
  • Self-driving cars with no reliance on fossil fuels. Flying cars?
  • Internet of Things and connected devices that will change the way we live
  • Seen The Martian? Living on Mars, the possibilities…


This conversation brings us to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and how the Big NFV Idea will transform Communication Service Providers on the delivery of application and services to their customers. Across the Telco, Mobile, and Cloud providers, visions have been created using NFV to transform their business, operation and architecture. Examples include


  • AT&T Domain 2.0 – a transformative initiative, both internal and external, to enable AT&T network services and infrastructure to be used, provisioned and orchestrated as is typical of cloud services in data centers
  • Telefonica Unica Project – a pioneering NFV program for virtualized infrastructure

These are the big ideas require aligning organizations and resources towards a common goal.   A required ingredient towards the realization of these big ideas is executive support and organization alignment to achieve the goal. Here’s what John Donovan at AT&T says on how do you keep pace.


At Juniper, our NFV strategy focused on the Big NFV Idea aligns to and enables these visions on transformation. We partner with our customers to think big, innovate together and SCALE FAST.   Heavy Reading recently offered their perspectives on navigating this transformation.  


What’s the urgency? The risk is getting left behind while those that have started the journey are taking advantage of the benefits offered with NFV.


But where do you begin? Juniper has built programs to jointly develop a strategy with our customers and outline a tactical plan towards execution.   A starting point for this journey begins with our assessment programs.


What assessment programs does Juniper offer? A common place to start is with a Service Creation Advisory Service that is specifically designed to enable virtualization and NFV solutions for our customers to leverage a service delivery platform to rapidly fulfill customer service requirements and automation to reduce TCO.   A full suite of assessment programs is designed to address different starting points of the NFV journey.


Come speak to Juniper executives and experts to learn more @ Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb 22-25, 2016.