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This is Juniper’s Perspective…What’s yours?
Mar 8, 2016

perspective.pngPerspective. We all have one and I argue it’s a foundational element for innovation and progress. Let’s look at a few examples from the wise:


Cogito, ergo sum” (Translated: “I think therefore I am)

- Rene Descartes


A thought-provoking one, reflecting on the fact that having a perspective is foundational to our existence.


“Do or do not, there is no try”



Yes fictional, but so true to turning that perspective into reality. Looking at how this quote applies to our industry, the “do-ers” are the ones taking advantage of the innovative technologies in front of us to transform their business. The “do nots” are quickly losing competitive advantage and will likely fall behind. The transformation occurring in our industry is an imperative; there is no try.


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination

- Albert Einstein


Reflecting on this perspective and how it applies to transformation is where things get truly exciting. Imagine where NFV can take us in a world with new services delivered faster than ever and all in an automated and intelligent fashion that is tailored to satisfy, even predict, the requirements from your customers. Happy end customers = differentiated Service Provider


This shapes our 3 perspectives…


Perspective #1 – The Industry Outlook


Enabling the true value and significance of NFV leads to the unlimited potential this technology will unlock over the next few years for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). There are three governing vectors for high impact in this transformation:


  • Business
  • Technology
  • Organization


View this Light Reading webinar Service Provider Transformation Survival Guide for a discussion on this journey.


The outlook for our customers’ business is also transformative; Infonetics projects a 400% increase for NFV market from 2015 to 2019.



Perspective #2 – Juniper’s Experiences


At Juniper, we’ve found that this transformation across business, technology and organizations can be challenging. Juniper has focused on building programs to partner with our customers to reduce their risk, develop new capabilities and maintain value with existing business. To execute, we have built up several programs to begin the journey with your transformation:


  • For your business, we have designed Service Creation Workshops
  • For your technology, we have developed the industry’s most open, scalable and commercially-ready NFV architecture
  • For your organization, we have built assessment programs like the Cloud CPE Assessment to partner with you and share the experience we have with NFV transformation.


Read what AT&T CEO and Chairman, Randall Stephenson has to say about adapting to this new reality.


Perspective #3 – Keep things in perspective


This journey is a long one, but hugely transformational. Focusing on the right long- term priorities with short-term wins is key to building momentum with NFV. These long-term priorities of business, technology and organizational transformation are the critical mix to ensure your projects stay on track. So engage in this journey with a trusted partner that has the experience and knowledge to deliver positive business outcomes. With Juniper you can:


  • Quickly realize business value by combining physical and virtual assets
  • Incorporate automation & rapid service creation capabilities into your network for an agile infrastructure
  • Infuse your organization with skills and capabilities founded on production-ready NFV solutions and services


Visit the Big NFV Idea @ Juniper Networks for more information.