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Unite Architecture to Power and Secure Today's Cloud-Enabled Enterprise
Sep 29, 2015

1ddc3f97-a6f8-42d7-aaf0-17cf724013ba.pngSeptember was an action-packed month for Juniper Networks. We are excited to announce Juniper Networks® Unite, a new architecture that will bring together latest networking software and hardware solutions to power and secure today’s cloud-enabled enterprise, all through a single point of management. Additionally, we announced a partnership with Aerohive to help joint customers build next generation cloud-enabled enterprise networks. In our featured content, we dive deeper into the launch of Unite and our new alliance with Aerohive, as well as recap Rami Rahim’s exclusive interview with CRN.  



Featured Content

Introducing Juniper Networks Unite
Juniper Networks Unite architecture will bring together the latest networking software and hardware solutions to power and secure today’s cloud enabled enterprise, all through a single point of management. Comprised of enterprise switching, security, and routing hardware and software technologies, as well as solutions through the Open Convergence Framework, Juniper Networks Unite provides a simplified, automated and secure architecture to build and manage the cloud enabled enterprise. 

The latest technology innovations in the architecture include Junos® Fusion Enterprise, enhancements to Junos® Space Network Director, as well as advancements to the Juniper Networks EX9200 line of programmable Ethernet switches.

Junos® Fusion Enterprise is the industry’s only software-enabled switching architecture. When combined with the EX Series Ethernet switches, the new open architecture will enable management of the entire distributed enterprise network as a single network entity and allows customers to collapse multiple network layers. With the newly redesigned and simplified Junos® Space Network Director user interface, customers can seamlessly manage multiple Junos Fusion Enterprise fabric groups.The EX9200 is the core aggregation device for Junos Fusion Enterprise, making it central to any simplified enterprise deployment. New modular line cards will provide customers with expanded deployment options  and will increase network performance. The Juniper Networks  Open Convergence Framework integrates best-of-breed technology for wireless local area network, unified communications, and security, providing enterprise customers with proven, reliable solutions based on their infrastructure requirements. 

Juniper also introduced its latest security software and hardware technology as part of Juniper Networks Unite, including significant modernization of Junos® Space Security Director, Juniper Networks® Sky Advanced Threat Prevention and Juniper Networks® SRX Series Services Gateways. These security solutions offer customers the scale and automation required to defend against any threat across enterprise networks.

The Cloud Enabled Enterprise provides scalability, is simple to manage, is more effective and efficient in securing networks, and provides the ability to integrate best-of-breed technology. For further reading, please see the official press release or refer to the additional links on the left.

Juniper and Aerohive Deliver Cloud-Managed Network Solution

Businesses face new challenges of securing the network for a diverse set of devices and providing scalable and high-performance network infrastructure, with shrinking IT budgets and a lack of IT expertise at enterprise branch locations. To address these challenges, Aerohive and Juniper teamed together to deliver an interoperable solution that will help joint customers build next generation cloud-enabled enterprise networks. 
Aerohive cloud managed Wi-Fi coupled with Juniper Networks high performance switches, network management and security solutions is targeted at eliminating IT burden for enterprises with a large number of remote locations by helping enterprises simplify network planning, orchestration and deployment. Aerohive’s HiveManager® enables centralized planning, management, troubleshooting, and analytics. Also, by deploying WLANs.Aerohive’s fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points with Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet SwitchesJunos® Space Network Director and Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, customers are able to achieve a simple, scalable and secure wired and wireless solution. The companies’ joint solution offers the market a cloud platform for enterprise networks that transforms how businesses connect with their customers in the mobile-first world.
For further reading, please see the official press release.

CRN Exclusive Interview with Rami Rahim
Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim sat down with Mark Haranas of CRN to discuss what differentiates Juniper from Cisco, its recent wireless partnerships, and its enterprise channel push. Rahim noted partners and the channel have been a “really big focus area for me [Rami Rahim] and my leadership team,” adding “my goal for Juniper is to be a company that our partners love to do business with.” Rahim also addressed the need for openness in the enterprise, stating enterprise customers are seeking, best-of-breed technologies, not just an end-to-end architecture and that the vision for Juniper's Open Converged Framework is to allow customers to have both. Rahim said this “openness” has proven to be a differentiating factor between Juniper and Cisco.  
For the full interview, please visit the CRN website.


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