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Updates to Juniper Partner Advantage Program Present New Opportunities for Partners
Aug 17, 2016

In January I shared what was on tap for 2016. Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, I would like to provide an update on how we are continuing to evolve our program to help partners capture immediate opportunities and position them for future growth.


As we built out the Juniper Partner Advantage program in 2016, we found that customer demands were changing and our channel partners were reshaping their business models to address those changes. To account for these changes in partners’ business models, we’ve created new categories within the Elite level of the Juniper Partner Advantage program.


These new categories enrich the Elite partner tier, which is our highest, most operationally sophisticated partner level. Adding new categories within the tier allows us to place partners at the optimal part of the program that works best for their business needs. This segmentation provides partners with the opportunity for continual growth and development, especially when it comes to working with new or emerging technologies and business models.


The full list of new categories includes:

  • Next Gen
  • Rising Star
  • Federal Partner (US Program)
  • Cloud Services Partner
  • Volume Partner (US Program)


For example, a Next Gen partner is a company focusing on software, services and XaaS. Their current revenue with Juniper may not support an Elite status, but if they’ve got a business strategy in place and they’re looking to grow their business in new areas, this partner category may be a fit for them. Some examples include creating cloud security services on Juniper platforms, or creating DevOps solutions for private cloud users and service providers as well as self-service automation for colocated companies. The Next Gen category supports this transition to new partner business models and recognizes the partner’s strategic contribution.


For partners new to the program with focused business plans, Juniper is creating a route to accelerate growth as part of the Rising Star initiative. These “rising stars” will be invited to join the Elite program and have access to business and marketing development opportunities, which are available specifically for partners at this level.


If you aren’t sure what this means for you as an Elite partner, don’t worry. We are working with all partners to establish which category best supports their growth and expertise.

Rewards and Campaigns


In Q3 of this year, Juniper is also introducing a flexible points-based Rewards program to support partners who continue to invest and grow within our channel community. In addition to a greatly enhanced user interface for claims submissions, the new program is integrated with our updated Deal Registration System (in AMER and EMEA) to ensure deal preference and pricing advantages, helping partners manage, track and close on deals quickly. The new Rewards system is scheduled to be ready September 1, 2016. For more information, visit the Juniper Partner Rewards page on the Partner Center.


Last, but certainly not least, the Juniper Marketing Concierge continues to deliver value to all partners. We give partners two options to create compelling marketing collateral - the “easy button” for one-click marketing programs or frameworks for custom-designed campaigns. To date, more than 1,200 campaigns have been rolled out by 600 unique partners using this tool, and the numbers just keep growing.


This is an exciting time for Juniper and for our partners. I recognize that you have choices, and we are committed to ensuring you optimal profitability, ease of business and true partnership - I want to thank you for your dedication and support.