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Vote for Juniper and Customer stories at OpenStack Summit - Austin
Feb 10, 2016

Update: The community voting has ended on Feb 17th. We will do a follow-up blog once the results are announced.


It’s that time of the year again - a new OpenStack Summit is around the corner! And this time it’s being hosted at Austin, Texas.


It all started in 2010, when a group of 75 people gathered for the first OpenStack summit in Austin to share their views about OpenStack experiences. Fast forward to 2016 - there were 11 such summits held internationally, attended by more than 6000 attendees in one of those events. It is now back again in Austin, only this time, it is going to be at a grand scale compared to its simple beginnings. In these last 6 years, OpenStack has gone from being a small open-source platform for developing cloud services to a global open standard cloud computing ecosystem to build private, public and hybrid clouds that can control large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout the datacenter. And it’s still evolving…


OpenStack Summits happens every 6 months and is a good opportunity for the development community and customers to gather and share their contributions to the project as well as their deployment experiences. As OpenStack platform is a collection of loosely coupled projects, attending these summits will give you a quick update on who’s-doing-what. Although, a word of caution – you have to carefully plan and pick the sessions/panel talks from the 5 day OpenStack schedule if you don’t want to get overwhelmed with the information.


In this upcoming summit, there is a huge focus on the area of improvement done in networking and also Containers. As Containers are becoming a hot topic of discussion in today’s scenario, there is a huge interest among the community to learn about how one can run Containers in an OpenStack environment and network them with traditional compute vehicles.


Contrail rated as #1 commercial Neutron driver



Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks talking about Contrail during the Juniper “Ideas Connected” event in Jan 2016.



We are excited to be at the summit to share what we have been doing with Contrail in the networking space. There is a lot of work that has happened over the last few months, especially Contrail and its relevance in the Container ecosystem.  


We have presented many sessions about Contrail in the past OpenStack summits (which you can catch-up from here and here). In the last two User Reports published by the OpenStack Foundation, Contrail has been rated as the #1 commercially deployed neutron driver and we are grateful to our customer and users who have shown the appreciation towards the work that we put to improve Contrail as the best cloud network automation solution.


Which OpenStack Network (Neutron) drivers are in use?


neutron plugins.png


Juniper Networks rated as the 6th best Neutron driver and overall best Commercial Vendor in the Oct 2015 OpenStack User Survey.


Vote for us:


OpenStack Summit presentations and talks are selected based on public voting and as always we have a great vote.jpgselection of presentations for the Austin summit. The topics vary from Cloud Automation, Contrail use cases, Security, Container networking and many more…


All of these sessions are led by Juniper Networks along with its Customers, Partners and FriendsJ. We will be having a booth presence at the summit market place along with the usual OpenContrail User Group meeting.


I request you to take a look at the below submissions from us and VOTE for these presentations so we can share our ideas at the summit.


How to Vote:

Sign in or sign up for an OpenStack account to quickly register yourself before voting, so your browser is signed in. Leave the browser open between clicking these links below. When you click each link below, please chose option #3 “Would love to see!” as shown in the below picture




Juniper led Sessions:


  1. Ceilometer, Nova and Neutron – working together to provide a healthy network for your cloud
  2. YANG based Core and Service Plugins for Neutron
  3. Advanced Network services in Neutron - a deep dive
  4. Micro-segmentation for OpenStack Clouds using containerized Firewalls
  5. NFV for Enterprise - Are we doing enough?
  6. Deploy Juniper Networks Virtual MX (vMX) as a VNF
  7. Making a Compelling Business Case for Virtualized CPE with Containerized services on Openstack
  8. Leveraging Openstack for Building Enterprise Cloud Services

Customers, Partners and Friends led sessions:


  1. Networking with Multi-clouds
    Led by Lithium Technologies and tcpCloud
  1. Enabling enterprise evolution - coexistence of hybridized workloads, clouds and orchestrators
    Led by Lithium Technologies and Juniper Networks
  1. Winning Marketing Strategies for OpenStack
    Led by Lithium Technologies, Mirantis and Juniper Networks
  1. Operators experience and perspective on SDN with VLANs and L3 Networks
    Led by Workday and tcpCloud
  1. The visibility of VM MAC addresses in Neutron Deployment
    Led by Mirantis
  1. Using Open Source Security Architecture to Defend against Targeted Attacks
    Led by Mirantis
  1. Rocket Fuel for Networks: SDN solutions with OpenStack Fuel
    Led by Mirantis
  1. Interconnecting Neutron and network operators' BGP/MPLS VPNs
    Led by Orange Labs
  1. Changing the Wheels while driving the car: A case study of upgrading OpenStack and OpenContrail base...
    Led by AT&T
  1. BGP as a Service: For Why?
    Led by AT&T and Juniper Networks
  1. To SR-IOV or not to SR-IOV.. that is the Telco Cloud question
    Led by AT&T and Juniper Networks
  1. Telco Cloud Requirements: What VNF's Are Asking For
    Led by AT&T and Juniper Networks
  1. Deploying Security as a micro-service with containers on OpenStack
    Led by Expedient and Juniper Networks
  1. Service Function Chaining of Containerized Security Engine in an OpenStack environment
    Led by Expedient and Juniper Networks
  1. OpenStack Neutron-Behind the scenes
    Led by Anil Bidari
  1. OpenStack – SDN Operations Tool
    Led by Sigit Priyanggoro
  1. Failure in OpenStack
    Led by Sven Michels