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Want, Call and Wait? No way, how about Want, Click and Get – The power of Contrail Cloud
Nov 24, 2014

Today’s service providers want to grow their profits through healthy revenue growth accompanied by increased operational efficiency, but their network infrastructure has become a roadblock to their future success. Service provider’s networks are static and inflexible and require manual configurations, which lead to long time to provision new services and reach new revenues. Rigid and complex systems make the price of innovation too high and the risk of failure too formidable. While service providers are moving in the right direction with their SDN and NFV initiatives, the competition, primarily Over-the-Top (OTT) and cloud providers, is not standing still. It is nearly impossible to outmaneuver the competition, let alone react before the damage is done.


Let’s put this in context, and take an IT person for a law office, Jacob, as an example. Jacob’s firm stores a large amount of forensics data for analysis and he constantly needs to buy storage. It used to take days or weeks for him to order storage devices and storage management software licenses, and wait for them to be shipped, installed and configured. It will take Jacob days or weeks, and lots of IT budget.


Now he can order Storage-as-a-Service from Amazon S3 or file sharing services from instantly with a swipe of credit card.


These are the service providers’ customers that they need to serve, people who are used to instant gratification when it comes to receiving IT services. But with the current mode of operation, when people like Jacob need to order network services, they still need to contact their service provider over the phone and wait for days or weeks for activation. On the service ordering page, there is a “Contact Me” button because the business process to complete a service order is too complicated, involving many manual steps and too much inflexible hardware.



Juniper Network’s Contrail Cloud can help service providers get ahead in achieving service agility. Contrail Cloud leverages state-of-art cloud and virtualization technologies to perform on-demand resource provisioning, dynamic service chaining and intelligent automation of operations, so that network services, just like other IT services, can be delivered instantly. Jacob, the IT guy in the law office, will have a much pleasant experience when he attempts to order network services. He will see a list of services available to his firm once he logs on to his account on the service provider’s web portal. He can click on the “Order Now” button, and get the firewall in to protect our mission-critical data within minutes, not months.



Want to learn more about how Contrail Cloud does the magic? My European colleague, David Noguer Bau gives a detailed explanation in this video shot from Contrail Cloud launch in London on Nov 6th!