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When It Comes To Automation, You Need A Trusted Advisor
May 8, 2017

In a recent webinar hosted by the TSIA (Technical Services Industry Association), it was reported that less than 20% of businesses surveyed use proactive support services and even fewer use vendor supplied "call home" functionality for their products. Why so little adoption of these beneficial capabilities?


With automation technology exploding across many industries and marketplaces, it’s hard to understand why there would be little adoption. Especially for IT organizations that are continually stretched to their resource limits. Likely this low adoption is because businesses simply do not realize these capabilities exist or they don't trust them. This underscores the importance for businesses to leverage their vendors as trusted advisors to explain their automation solutions and the related return-on-investment.


Juniper Networks customers are lucky because Juniper is a leader in developing and integrating automation throughout their product and service offerings. A shining example of this is Automated Support and Prevention. Automated Support and Prevention is Juniper’s solution for optimizing the support experience for customers and partners. It is completely automated and zero-touch that reduce downtime and reduce costs - two very compelling benefits for IT teams. And the ability to use Automated Support and Prevention is included is Juniper Care service contracts so there’s no additional license or usage costs.


Automated Support and Prevention utilizes internal automation tools used by Juniper’s technical Assistance Center (JTAC) and applications that are deployed at the customer and partner sites. Together these work together to easily automate both reactive and proactive capabilities for IT organizations.


By teaming with Juniper Networks as a trusted advisor, customers and partners can profit from Juniper’s automation expertise and realize the full potential of automation technologies for their businesses. For more information about Automation Support and Prevention, please read the linked white paper: