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When Your Users are Hacking Your Network
Mar 17, 2016

School has changed a lot since since I attended. I may be dating myself here, but back when I was in middle school we were happy to have an Apple II that was basically used only for playing Oregon Trail.


Today as schools evolve towards a digital curriculum, the students’ learning experience is empowered by a variety of tablets, PCs and their own personal devices. While this will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the learning environment, it also presents a number of new challenges for a school’s IT staff and network administrators. Students today are lot more tech-savvy than they were a few years ago… and they don’t always use these technical abilities for the sake of good.


St. Charles Community Unit School District (CUSD) 303, a Juniper customer in Illinois, had first-hand experience with the challenges that arise when its users (students) were also the ones intent on bringing down the network. It’s a problem that many schools have likely experienced, and can create real problems when an increasing number of learning applications are cloud-based and require internet access to use.


To find out how Juniper helped them negate and eventually identify the hackers, check out this article in eSchool News.