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Win an iPad at the OpenContrail Hands-on Challenge and Show off Your OpenStack Expertise, 9AM, Thurs 5/15/2014
May 14, 2014[Computer]-Keep-Calm-And-Take-The-Oc-Challenge.pngIf you are one of the geeks who never seems to have good enough luck to win any raffle drawing, or you are a type A and want to win any challenge, or you are a fast learner and just get things really quickly, this is for you!


Join OpenContrail at the OpenStack Summit hands-on session on Thurs morning 9AM EST on May 15th 2014 at room B314 in the Georgia World Congress Center, and get a chance to win an iPad by being the first to complete our hands-on OpenStack exercise to dynamically deploy some cool security services.ipad.jpg


Come early, as space is limited. More information on the session can be found at:


Bonus point for reading blogs while you are at the summit, you can test your connectivity to the OpenStack+OpeContrail environment you need to perform the hands-on lab and get a head-start on the challenge:


  1. Go to the below URL, login with the test-user* IDs below using recommended browsers - IE or Firefox.
  2. Click  Network Connect - "Start" button, click "Continue" at the pop screens and any dependencies that need to get downloaded (e.g.:java).
  3. Upon successful VPN connection to the lab, make sure you are able to see OpenStack Horizon Dashboard at

See you all at the show!