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How to Build a Secure 5G Network
Sep 11, 2019

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Positioned as the next big thing in technology, 5G is the talk of the town. An abbreviation of the fifth generation of cellular wireless, 5G is a new standard for how users can communicate and transmit data via connected devices. It’s crazy fast, 20 gigabits per second as a matter of fact, and the lack of latency is an enticing choice for service providers hoping to deliver new innovative services and devices. But building a quick 5G network is one thing, building a secure network is another entirely.


To build a safe and strong 5G network, service providers need to tap into technology and innovations that take meaningful, holistic steps toward helping transform infrastructure, operations and services in the 5G era. A 5G network must be built on a secure, automated cloud architecture, which will enable faster speeds, more productive mobile services for subscribers and a greater mobile broadband experience akin to fixed services. Coupled with this cloud architecture, organizations must also employ end-to-end, device-to-core security solutions that can address all the new endpoints that are accessing a network due to the outbreak of 5G.


By tapping into the right network and security architecture, organizations can build a secure network that enables users to reap the benefits of the modern 5G world. Networks will be faster, latencies will be diminished and devices will remain safeguarded





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