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Things Getting Too Complex? Just #AskJuniper
Jul 19, 2019

Innovation is thriving in the modern digital era. From ‘emotional’ robots to the fastest device-to-device communication we’ve seen yet — these technological advancements have changed the way society operates, irrevocably. But this digital flourish has also left a trail of complexity in its wake, as much of this new technology has come with unnecessary features and layers of convoluted functionalities. This problem has only been compounded by a lack of user understanding, as the recipients of this innovation don’t always fully grasp it before they implement it. These advancements not only need to be simplified, but also communicated in a straightforward way.




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At Juniper, we understand the nature of this beast. We believe in simplicity — engineering simplicity, embodying simplicity and communicating simplicity. From our solutions to our tweets, we’re determined to fight for simple in the never-ending battle against complexity. As Rami Rahim, Juniper CEO, says, “Achieving simple is both an art and a science. Pursuing simplicity in engineering, or in any practice, is ultimately about making a commitment to customers and focusing on making their experience the best one imaginable.”




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We plan to act on our promise — not just in how we engineer our solutions, but also with how we communicate with our customers. We’re committed to transforming complex into simple. All you have to do is ask. #AskJuniper, to be specific. By using that hashtag on social media, you can ask us any question you have, such as “How do I prepare my network for 5G?” or “What do I do in the event of a cyberattack?” We’re here to provide you with a simple answer for all of your questions. 


On top of that, we also want to provide you with straightforward resources you can keep on hand whenever you’re faced with complexities. That’s why we’re creating a handful of #AskJuniper blogs that aim to address common questions, provide insights on important networking industry issues and break down complex conversations. That way, users can simply enjoy modern-day innovations, no questions asked.



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To learn more about our #AskJuniper campaign, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And make sure to stay tuned for all the #AskJuniper blogs hitting our blog every week.

Jul 17, 2019
hi, Recently my new client who had already purchased mx 104 and gave me the responsibility to put it live 1 year back. I was not well versed with juniper cli. Somehow I'd managed to run the router from last one year. I'm facing some problems which are : 1) Router has firmware version 13.3 and I dont find any manual 2) I want to upgrade my firmware can i do it ? 3) Unable to do pbr (I'd been doing it on other routers like huawei ne40 etc). I'll post the config after first response. 4) Natting capability of this router ? thanks
Jul 19, 2019
Administrator Administrator

Hello @hashbang! Madison here from Community Management at Juniper. We recommend posting this question in the Routing J-Net Discussion Forum so one of our technical experts can respond. 

Alternatively, you can also reach out to Support for assistance.