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What Is Advanced Threat Protection?
Aug 16, 2019

Every effective enterprise security architecture must begin with strong defense. The first line usually includes firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, endpoint security products, phishing detection solutions and more, which are intended to prevent against known cyberthreats. But what about the unknown ones? How can security teams address the advanced attacks that have just come to life? There is a chance these threats may be able to bypass that initial protective layer, especially since advanced attacks often leverage obfuscation tactics and automation to circumvent an organization’s first line of security. This issue is only compounded by the ongoing shortage of qualified security experts and flood of data from connected devices — which begs the question, what’s an organization to do?


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SIEM solutions seem like the immediate next step, but this technology often only provides visibility into the symptoms of an advanced threat, lacking the ability to detect the threat itself. That is why organizations must leverage advanced threat prevention solutions, taking security to the next level by stopping unknown malware strains and attacks in their tracks. 


Built to address the modern day threat landscape, Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Appliances (JATP Appliances) offer the second, automated layer of security required to move beyond detection into protection. By applying a fabric of security across a network, automated Advanced Threat Protection can detect advanced threats that other security devices may miss. Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Appliances detect malware, understand behavior and mitigate threats with just one touch. They use security data from multiple sources in a network — no matter the vendor — and work with existing threat detection devices to deliver fast, flexible and automated responses to malicious activity through real-time protection.



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