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What Is SD-Branch?
Sep 26, 2019

In the world of networking, SD-branch follows SD-WAN’s footsteps, with the two abiding by a similar template. Both are policy-based, automated approaches to IT infrastructure at the branch, designed to achieve agility via SDN. Essentially, SD-branch solutions evolve the SD-WAN technology that is widespread among today’s enterprise WAN, simply extending the ease-of-management and security features to what’s happening inside branch offices beyond the WAN edge, including the wired and wireless network and any branch-local services on a universal CPE platform.


SD-Branch is both a key element of the modern, AI-driven enterprise and a more comprehensive offering than its predecessors. It is a centrally orchestrated model designed to abstract and automate all security and network operations of the branch.


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A software-defined branch solution includes SD-WAN, which is characterized by application-aware analytics and dynamic routing, making a business’s branch connection to the internet and cloud efficient, resilient, centrally-controlled, and optimized for the best possible quality of experience for users. Through automation, a cloud-managed branch solution reduces manual configuration errors, speeds up the branch deployments and in turn, cuts down the operational expenses of branch management. SD-Branch also delivers comprehensive security services that dynamically update policies to mitigate day-zero threats, whether they originate inside or outside the enterprise network.


SD-Branch extends SD-WAN with software-defined management of your branch security, wired and wireless LANs. Juniper’s SRX Series, NFX Series Network Services, EX Series and Mist platforms are the building blocks in Juniper’s Contrail SD-WAN solution, which allows you to deploy an SD-Branch, reaping the benefits of SD-WAN  and beyond.




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