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2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards
Aug 24, 2010

2010 Groundswell Awards

Category: Supporting


Juniper Networks - Community Anytime, Anywhere


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Since December 2007, Juniper Networks has seen its J-Net Community grow from a fledging support environment to a thriving and vibrant customer community, helping customers solve issues, learn about JUNOS certification, talk with product managers and stay connected with the latest developments relevant to them.


In April 2010, Juniper Networks extended its J-Net Community to mobile users, with a fully optimized, fully featured interface, letting users continue their community conversations when they weren’t at their desks.   




“J-Net looks fine in my iPhone!!! Thanks a
lot for this remarkable resource!!!”


Juniper Networks was the first company to deploy the mobile interface in North America, ensuring that J-Net members had the community at their fingertips wherever they were. The mobile interface for J-Net was designed together with the team at Lithium Technologies, whose platform runs the J-Net community.


Why is a mobile community important for Juniper? To answer this, it’s important to understand the J-Net user base.


The majority of J-Net community members are highly tech-savvy, extraordinarily busy networking professionals. 


Many of them are very hands-on —spending a large portion of their day configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting complex networking infrastructure for companies that demand high performance and when issues occur, every second counts.


Thus, the ability to access technical information and solutions rapidly is at a premium; however the nature of networking often dictates users to be somewhere other than their desks or cubicles, requiring a solution that allows for anytime, anywhere access of technical information.




“Very handy.  Makes locating info remotely

that much more convenient.”


J-Net users are often tucked away in data centers, wiring closets, and remote sites.  They get support calls in the middle of the night and yet they still need still need a solution to fix their network issues. 


That’s where J-Net mobile presents its real value.


                                                             “Looks good. I can now easily search the forums
                                                             from my phone while out on the server floor.”


292iA7B1B97CB61F6CF3J-Net Mobile puts the full technical expertise of a passionate community at a user’s fingertip no matter where they are, as long as they have a handset.


J-Net Mobile works on any smart phone, whether it is an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other device. There are no apps to download, meaning a user can be up and running instantly, when those precious seconds count. And community members have access to all the key features of J-Net. They can read messages, reply, vote for posts they like, mark accepted solutions, search for topics, they can even read and send private messages to colleagues.


                               “Hi! I am reading and posting from
                               my BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the
                              J-Net forums look good.
                              Nice simple UI loads very fast …
                             Thanks for J-Net mobile!”



Since its launch, J-Net’s 11,000 plus members can stay connected to the community, where ever they are.


And the results show. Mobile traffic to Juniper’s site has increased 300%; mobile page views have increased 200%; and bounce rate been improved by 27%. To put that final number in perspective, the bounce rate is lower than the main site, highlighting the relevance of the material











“Dear J-Net Team,


Always exceeding our expectations. Juniper to
me is a life line - A savior from CISCO - Thank
you for providing this beautiful feature & I will
let you know something. I am using this feature
for a while now. I love this feature. It is just
what we techies require & need.”




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