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5 Things You Need to Know About Junos Genius
Nov 27, 2017

Junos Genius is Juniper Networks Education Services' continuous learning platform. It was designed to help you learn Juniper technologies and to prepare you for the Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) exams. The platform provides resources and courses developed by Juniper technology experts that cover topics such as automation, routing, switching, security, and more.


With your single Junos Genius subscription, you get access to all of these learning tools enabling you to achieve your professional learning goals. Get started today at!


5 Things You Need to Know About Junos Genius



1. Junos Genius has cross-device functionality enabling you to access the learning platform with the device of your choice.

The latest version of Junos Genius allows you to access the content from the platform of your choice with cross-device functionality. There’s the Junos Genius mobile app which allows you to continue learning on the fly wherever you are on your mobile device - iOS or Android. Or you can access the Junos Genius platform via your desktop, laptop, or mobile browser by going to With multi-device support, you can access the Junos Genius learning platform at your own convenience; and pick up right where you left off.


2. View multiple asset types; from Learning Byte videos to complete On-Demand training courses.

With Junos Genius, you have the ability to view multiple asset types to help you learn Juniper technologies from wherever you are. A Junos Genius subscription provides you with access to Hardware Overview and Deployment Courses to help you get your new piece of Juniper equipment up and running, JNCP Practice Tests to get you ready for your upcoming certification exams, dozens of Juniper Learning Byte videos (with more on the way), and the ability to view purchased On-Demand training courses from the platform.


3. Use Junos Genius as a certification preparation tool.

Junos Genius serves as an effective certification preparation tool that helps prepare you for

multiple associate, specialist, and professional level JNCP certification exams.The JNCP practice tests allow users to gauge their understanding of the topics covered on the actual exams. Designed by the same subject matter experts who develop the live JNCP exams, these 65-item tests closely resemble the live exam items in format and difficulty level. You will receive specific item feedback upon completion of each test, which will inform you of topic areas where you may be strong or weak.


4. Rate, favorite, and add comments to all assets.

With Junos Genius, you can rate, favorite, and add comments to all assets so you can give feedback and organize your learning tools. With favorites you can quickly search for learning assets that you frequently refer to. And if you're rushed for time, ratings allow you to quickly see the assets that others have watched and found most helpful. All of this was designed to help you start learning quickly and efficiently.


5. View content offline via the Junos Genius mobile app.

Offline viewing is now available through the Junos Genius mobile app. If you travel frequently, have a long commute, or don’t have access to the Internet, you’ll still be able to continue studying. Simply tap the download icon next to the item you want to view offline. Unfortunately, practice tests are unable to be viewed offline at this time.



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Aug 6, 2018
Carlos Amaya



What is the canceling policy for Genius? I am in the process to start preparing to take the JNCIP, and aren't sure if the training content here is sufficient.

Aug 7, 2018
Distinguished Expert

Preparing for the JNCIP exams is tough.  The topics and questions are the harder ones.  And in the Juniper certification process the only 100% complete single source of information are the courses that are associated with each exam on the exam outline pages.  Basically these courses are specifically written to cover the topics in the linked exam.


Naturally, taking the course or purchasing those courseware books is too expensive for most of us.  So we have to find other options to get the material.


The outine of what we need is there on the exam page origanized in topic and sub-topic.  From here we need to hunt down the information.


I use Junos Genius in two ways.  Naturally the sample exam helps me get a feel for where I am weak.  I'll take that after some brief study to get a feel for the focus I need.

The second way is to search out the videos posted relating to the other topics on the exam list.  This provide good detail of the concepts.


The rest of the material I get from the documentation are by topic.  I use google for the topic with a restriction of the site.  Then add to the topic the work example to get find the configuration examples.

isis example

These will then fill in the remaining details I need to cover the topics in full.  I use the example pages to create my own labs using virtual router routing instances on my SRX devices.

And there is a free tier on Junos Genius so you can sign up and confirm if the red restricted sections are enough value for you to want to unlock them with the subscription.


I wish the coursware was more affordable.  Or that real study guides were created out of them to prepare for the exams.  But I do find that Junos Genius is a help over and above the documentation.


Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP)

Aug 13, 2018

Hi Carlos -


Let us know if Steve's response was helpful Smiley Happy 


Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager

Aug 13, 2018
Trusted Contributor

Thank you, Steve.


It's also important to note that we recently made all of the Learning Byte videos free within Junos Genius. A Junos Genius Plus subscription will provide you with practice tests that will help you to gauge your understanding of the topic matter, but you should also expand the number of resources used as Steve suggests.


We will soon be adding additional exam prep resources to Junos Genius that will be of great value to our certified community.



Adam (Junos Genius Program Manager and JNCP Team Member)

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