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BLOG: Community Talk
Accepted Solutions Initiative .... Final Results!
Aug 1, 2018

As mentioned in my April 16th blog post, we're very pleased to recognize the top J-Net Members who have accumulated the most accepted solutions through the end of July!


*Drum Roll*


The top 3 members:

1. spuluka = 52 

2. aarseniev = 30

3. adgwytc = 15

*Honorable mentions: karand = 10, wdudys = 9, PML = 8, Kingsman = 8, rsuraj = 7, = 7, jonashauge = 7


The top 3 members will be receiving a small gift as a token of our appreciation. Please note: This is an ongoing initiative, so continue helping out your fellow peers in the discussion forums - Provide a solution to get your solution accepted!


I'm looking forward to seeing who will join the top rankings in the Fall!

- Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager


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Aug 2, 2018
Distinguished Expert

Thanks for the recognition.  Always nice to lend a hand.




Aug 2, 2018
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Congrats lucky winners!

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