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BLOG: Community Talk
Announcing Real Talk: The Network Matters Discussion Forum
Mar 30, 2020

Around the world, the network matters more than ever before. We are proud that you as engineers are the heart of connecting us all.


RealTalkNetworkMattersForum.pngTo help navigate new demands, we’ve created a forum for you to engage in “real talk” with your peers.  


It’s a place to share strategies for making sure your networks (and you!) thrive. We will all benefit from network tips or even recommendations for a good movie, game, or book. We are even hosting community conference calls for real-time engineering discussions. 


We welcome all to join. For those that are not members of the J-Net Community, you can still view the discussion forum. To contribute, register for a guest account  here.


Follow our Community Twitter to see strategies that way.


We wish our community members, your organizations, and your families health and safety. Thanks for all you do!