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BLOG: Community Talk
Announcing the Lab Madness 2016 Bracket!
Mar 15, 2016

We’re excited to announce the Lab Madness 2016 Bracket! We’d like to thank all those who submitted their images this year and can’t wait for the games to begin!



Now for the competition. For the next three weeks, each of the labs captured in the bracket below will compete head-to-head until a final winner is named.


This year, after Game #5, we’re bringing a fun twist to the games where YOU get to choose which setup has the chance to make a championship comeback to face-off in Game #6! The voting for Audience’s Choice will take place on Thursday, March 24th on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


What you need to do: Vote for the lab image that you want to win by submitting a comment or reply on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels starting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16th. Each day a new match-up will be shared and voters will have from 10am PT the day the match-up is shared until 9am PT the following day to make their vote.


This year, we’d like for you to vote for the setups while keeping the below in mind:

  • Style
  • Functionality
  • Innovation or Differentiation


Stay tuned throughout the month of March to monitor the action and see your favorite labs make their way through the bracket to the final championship! Remember, this year we’ll also be recognizing setups for the following categories:

  • Most Chaotic Setup
  • Most Organized Setup
  • Biggest Setup
  • Smallest Setup
  • Most Likely to Withstand a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Most Colorful Setup
  • Earliest Deployed Piece of Juniper Gear


Let the games begin!


Join the conversation by following #LabMadness on Twitter or finding us on the below platforms:

@JuniperNetworks on Twitter

Juniper Networks Facebook

Juniper Networks LinkedIn

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