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Announcing the Winners of the Junos IP/MPLS Challenge!
Nov 8, 2013

We found out that we have a lot of IP/MPLS pros out there from our latest contest! Congrats to the winners and stay tuned for another challenge in December.  See the solution to the challenge below the winners.


1st Place – 200 VM Units

Tobias Heister
Tobias Heister 4th.png


2nd Place-100 VM Units
Tim Hynard


3rd Place – 50 VM Units
Peter Riad
Peter Riad 5th.png

Additional Winners - 10 VM Units

Nikita Shirokov


Pavel Glushkov


Kiatkajon Ploited
Kiatkajon Ploited.png

Shiva Kumar

Muhammad Rehan
Muhammad Rehan.png

Pedro Antunes

Lukasz Polak

Kamil Derynski

Mario Perez Benavides
Mario Perez Benavides.png



"The problem in this challenges seems to be that PE2 is advertising its
router-id/transport address as

juniper@P> show ldp neighbor extensive
Address            Interface          Label space ID         Hold time         ge-0/0/2.0            13
   Transport address:, Configuration sequence: 1
   Up for 1d 21:05:46
   Reference count: 1
   Hold time: 15, Proposed local/peer: 15/15
   Hello flags: none
   Neighbor types: discovered

As this IP is not reachable via IP to form a LDP session:

juniper@P> show ldp session
   Address           State        Connection     Hold time  Adv. Mode         Nonexistent  Closed           0          DU
juniper@P> show route

So there are no LDP FECs exchanged between PE1 and PE2.

As this is a BGP free core router P does not have any knowledge of the
routes thus the end-to-end ping does not work.

The solution would be to get Router PE2 to advertise a router-id/transport
address at which it is reachable.

The easiest way would be to:

set routing-options router-id

as is the loopback IP of PE2 and is reachable via ISIS from
router P

juniper@P> show route
inet.0: 9 destinations, 9 routes (9 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)
+ = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both    *[IS-IS/18] 1d 21:08:55, metric 10
                     > to via ge-0/0/2.0

Afterwards LDP LSPs should be up between PE1 and PE2 and the ping should

Nov 18, 2013

Good to see my pic on Juniper website...............