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Cordelia , Contributor
BLOG: Community Talk
Calling all J-Net Members: The TechWiki Wants You!
Apr 11, 2016

We’re excited to announce that the TechWiki is now open to contributions from all J-Net users – this means you!


If you are a customer, partner, or employee, and love using Juniper Networks’ products, the TechWiki is waiting for you. The Juniper Networks TechWiki is a tribal “think-tank” – a place where J-Net community members can author and share articles about their experiences with our products and technologies.


Articles can be How-Tos, Best Practices, Scripts, and Expert Advice, it’s easy to contribute, just follow the steps! And, the first 10 people to author an article in the TechWiki will get a cool TechWiki t-shirt!


TechWikiFacebook (002).png


Note: Only authors with accepted and published articles are eligible for a t-shirt.

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