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BLOG: Community Talk
Changes to our J-Net Community! - 4/24/18
Apr 24, 2018

Hey Everyone!


We've been working hard at creating a better community experience for you. With that said, we're excited to announce that we've updated the sign-in area to integrate your profile/my settings/private message/help section into a drop-down for easy access. These changes offer a more modernized look that also displays your avatar! 


Check out the screenshots below for a closer look at the navigational changes:


  • A more clean, fresh, modernized look. From left to right: Your profile icon, notification bell (new!), private messages




  • Sign out, My settings, and Help are now located under your profile icon. Click on it and a dropdown menu will appear



In addition:

  • The bell icon is where all your notifications will be stored - Click on the bell to see your notifications.
  • The envelope icon is where you can view your private messages as well as compose new private messages


You all have been awesome at continuing to be our eyes and helping us with these changes and for that we thank you!

And as always, feel free to leave us questions or feedback. We'd love to hear back from you!


All the best,

Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager