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Chat Live right now with Federal Team Experts: Securing your Virtual Environment - February 23, 2011
Feb 9, 2011

As your organization transitions to a virtualized infrastructure, it is imperative that security is a top priority. Please join us for a live text chat session with subject matter experts from our Federal team to answer your questions on taking the necessary steps to secure your virtual environment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
/ 11:00 am - 12 Noon PT

During this live text chat, we'll be ready to engage in a technical, interactive Q&A session on a number of topics. Bring any and all questions! We've provided some bulleted topics below to get the conversation started:

The unique security issues that virtualization introduces to IT environments

The importance of monitoring and access control

How virtualization solution providers are responding to security concerns

Real-life examples of how customers are securing their virtual environments

Bring your questions and interact in real-time with a team of our Juniper experts! All attendees will be eligible to receive a Day One Booklet on Configuring EX Series Ethernet Switches.

Prior to joining the chat session, you may find the following documents very useful:

Five Best Practices to Protect your Virtual Environment

IDC: Managing Server Virtualization on Datacenter Networks

Solutions for Deploying Server Virtualization in Data Center Networks White Paper

Ask us early, send requests in now to



Step 1: Make sure you sign-up for J-Net:


Make sure you create an account in our J-Net Community 24 hours prior to the event


Once you've created an account and receive a confirmation email, log-in to J-Net and create a username and password


Now you're ready to chat! Read instructions below on how to join the Junos chat session on 2/23/11

Step 2: Logging into the live chat session:


to J-Net using your user name and password at


Scroll down to the "Live Chat" section


Click on "Federal Chat"

*Please make sure you sign-in to your J-Net account in order to participate in the session!

*Please note the chat will not open until 10 minutes prior to the live event

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