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Community FAQ - 2018 Update
Jan 28, 2020

New to the community? Been in the community for awhile and need a refresher? Didn't even know we had an FAQ page? This post is for you! We've put together a short FAQ


(If you have questions not covered in the list, please search the Help Section by clicking your profile photo/avatar in the upper right corner and selecting 'Help' in the drop-down. You can email us too at:


Q: I need an overview of the User Guidelines and Terms of Service. Where can I find more information?


A: Please go here for an overview of our User Guidelines and here for Terms of Service.


Q: What is J-Net?


A: An interactive community-based platform that enables you to connect with your peers to ask questions, exchange ideas and share expertise. We pride ourselves on cultivating an engaged and inviting atmosphere for you and hope it will be your go-to resource!


Q: Why should I register?


A: Members get access to premium content such as Juniper's Day One books that are available as a free PDF in J-Net. You can post questions and collaborate in the community forums, subscribe to content via subscription and customize your user interface. There are regular promotional events in the community throughout the year open only to members. 


Registration is free, just click 'Register' on the menu bar in the upper right corner to create a J-Net account.


Q: I already have a Juniper Single-Sign-On (SSO) account. Do I need to register again?


A: No, you may log in with your existing Juniper SSO account. Once you log in for the first time, select a J-Net User ID of your choice.


Q: If I have some feedback, suggestions, or just a question about the community, who do I send this to?


A: We love any and all feedback! You can either post to our Community Feedback Forum or send us an email at: 


Q: How do I change my username?


A: Send us a quick email ( with the desired username of your choice. Sometimes, a username will already be taken, so be sure to have some backup choices, just in case.


Q: How do I change my password?


A: When you register for J-Net it is processed through Juniper's Single-Sign-On registration system. In order to change your password you need to visit our Login Assistance page.


Select the change password link, log in and follow the instructions.


Q: How do I change my profile photo/avatar?


A: Click on your current profile photo/avatar in the upper right corner and select 'My Settings' from the drop down. Select 'Avatars' and navigate to 'Current Avatar' and click 'Upload an Avatar'.


Q: What are Accepted Solutions?


A: Accepted Solutions are an integral part of our community. If you post a question to a discussion forum, you can choose the reply that best answers your question and mark it as an accepted solution. Lear more here.


Q: I'm new to the community and am wondering how I can move up the ranks. How can I become a Distinguished Expert?!


A: Moving up the ranks is based on a number of your activities. The key ones are responding to discussions and getting solutions accepted by your peers. Learn more here.



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Jan 28, 2020

Hi All,


I am getting Internal Server Error in Junos security director while fetching service list.

Any input on troubleshooting this.



Jan 28, 2020
Distinguished Expert


This is just a general community faq, you should post this type of question over in the Management forum.



Aug 12, 2020

Hi Experts,


Can you please share the software upgrade procedure for MX10003 from 17 to 18.4 R3.


Best Regards,