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Congratulations to Ernst Oudhof - Junos Cup Champion
Jul 15, 2014

Ernst OudhofThe three finalists fought hard this afternoon but in the end Ernst Oudhof from The Netherlands took the Junos Cup! He JunosCupblog.jpgmanaged to solve the tie-breaker Antarctica challenge in 35 minutes. A warm congratulations to Ernst who managed to solve all 33 network challenges which is quite a feat!


Congratulations to our other two finalists, David Roy and Pedro Antunes who fought to the end solving 32 challenges. You are all winners in our eyes!


Thank you to all who participated in the Junos Cup!



For those who would like to try and solve the Antarctica challenge, feel free to test your skills. It is available in the Junos Cup forum. Note that solving it does not give you any points/prizes as the competition is officially closed.

Jul 15, 2014

Takes a true pro to make 33 topologies look easy. Congrats Ernst Oudhof on your Junos Cup victory!

Jul 15, 2014

Great work everyone!

Jul 15, 2014
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert

Congratulations Ernst, you'll soon hold the Junos Cup 2014 in your hands! You have done a brilliant tournament, well done!


Big thanks to all the contestants, you can really be proud of having solved so many tough challenges.


And a very special recognition to the finalists (Pedro, David) as well as to all the people who got close to the final (Tobias, Krasi, Gustaw, Harold, etc...). In this link you can scroll down to the Junos Cup 2014: Total Standings Top Participants, it was a really tight call.

Jul 17, 2014

Impressive win Ernst! Congratulations to you for solving all 33 of the network challenges!

Jul 17, 2014

awesome competition, attracts more people to improve their junos and networking skills. congratulations to ernst and every one who topped the list.

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