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BLOG: Community Talk
Contribute to TechWiki! Learn what it is and how to start an article
Aug 20, 2018

Want to share your expertise about one of our products or technologies? Have any of your replies in the forums been marked as an accepted solution? If so, we'd love for YOU to enhance the TechWiki section of our community! You can contribute by writing a new article or converting an accepted solution into an article. 


If you’re in need of a TechWiki refresher or are wondering: 'What the heck is a TechWiki?!', read on to find out more and how you can participate:


The TechWiki is a place where members can write and share informational articles about their experiences with our products and technologies. 


There are three different types of articles in the TechWiki:

  • How-To: Solution articles about multiple Juniper products and/or third-party vendors best practices or tips & tricks
  • Expert Advice: Compatibility or integration advice
  • FAQ: Informational questions and answers about a product or technology


There are a number of categories you can choose to write about; Automation, Security and more. Take a look: 

page (8).png


There are two types of writing templates:

  • Freeform (Use for high value technical How-To, Expert advice, and troubleshooting articles) 
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A) (Use for Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ articles)


Steps to starting an article:

  1. Sign in to the J-Net Community. Select TechWiki 
  2. Select the "Categories" link and choose a topic area from the drop-down list 
  3. Once you are in the category you desire, scroll down a bit and select "Create an article" 
  4. Select one of the templates (Freeform or Q&A) and click "Start Article" 
  •  Labelling: Articles are categorized in the TechWiki using labels and are important for search. When adding labels to your article, choose from the three pre-defined labels: How-To, Expert Advice, or FAQ. If the article fits into more than one category you can use more than one label.
  1. If you want to save you article and work on it later, click "Save" (you'll be able to go back and view/edit your draft articles by scrolling to the bottom  of the Category page where you posted your article - Look for TechWiki Dashboard).
  2. If you are ready for review, click "Request Review". If you are ready to publish, click "Save and Request Publication". 


Steps to convert your accepted solution into an article:

  1. Go to your accepted solution (Discussion Forums > Specific Forum). You can do either of the following:


  • Click 'Start TechWiki Article' on the reply with the Accepted Solution

page (12).png



  • Under Topic Options, select ‘Start TechWiki Article’ 

page (13).png


Thanks for reading, and once again, THANK YOU for participating in the J-Net Community! We couldn’t do it without you all! 

- Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager

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Aug 20, 2018



based on this article I created my HowTo article -named Using Python to script CoS on EX / QFX switches  and requested review and also publishing a week ago.

Since then nothing has happened, my article is still not approved.


Am I doing something wrong, forgot something or is this a normal leadtime for approvements.


Thank you.

Aug 20, 2018

Hi Lacko -


We apologize for the delay in review. You are not doing anything wrong - There have been some technical difficulties on our end where we are not receiving notifications of articles for review right away - but rest assured we are currently working on a fix.


Thank you for alerting us! Your article is now being reviewed and we will keep you posted once approved.


- Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager

Aug 20, 2018

Thank you Jeremiah !