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Day One Booklets: Now available in eBook formats on J-Net
Oct 6, 2010

Our Day One Booklets are now available only in J-Net!  One of the perks of being a registered user is access  to this great collection of technical booklets.  And now along with PDF we have new formats for most of our books including mobi, and ePub.


  • PDF: For laptops and desktops, iPads and iPhones. View all of the formatting including Junos output and configuration.
  • ePub: For iPads and iPhones using the iBook app, Sony Readers, and  Android devices using apps that read and display .epub formats.
  • mobi: For Kindle devices

We've also included more information about each booklet, sample pages and author Q&A. Check out the updated Day One pages on Junos Central and if you're a registered user, start downloading them in J-Net! 

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