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BLOG: Community Talk
Empowering Students to Engineer Simplicity in the NextGen Networking Industry
Mar 26, 2018

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks simplifies the complexities of networking in the cloud era with products, solutions, and services that transform the way we connect, work, and live. Through engineering and innovation, we remove the traditional constraints of networking to enable our customers and partners to deliver automated, scalable, and secure networks that connect the world.


Need for More Skilled Experts

As the networking industry continues to grow, all of this fuels the need for more networking experts. To accommodate these industry shifts, today’s students in networking programs need to master new technologies, terminologies, and skills to learn how to connect everything and empower everyone.


Keep Your Curriculum Current with Industry Practices

As a leader in networking solutions, we continually work to deliver the next generation of products, services, and solutions that extend the global value of and demand for Juniper skills. Students who understand the emerging technologies and business models of today’s evolving networking environment will be better equipped to succeed as they enter the workforce. It is critical for institutions to provide course content that reflects the new landscape and prepares students for today’s industry challenges.


Juniper Networks Academic Alliance

The Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) program is an industry-academic partnership that provides faculty and students with highly relevant instructional materials, hands-on labs that use industry-leading networking equipment, and even the opportunity to earn an entry-level Juniper certification. The JNAA program provides a unique digitized learning platform with content that can help your university and students take part in the networking industry.


For Students

  • Foster skills in security, SDN, cloud, networking, automation, DevOps
  • Obtain multiple recognized Juniper Networks certifications for free
  • Create foundational experience for a future career in networking


For Member Institutions

  • Enhance student curriculum with industry relevant courseware, practical lab exercises, and certifications
  • Leverage Juniper’s unique technology position at the crossroads of networking, cloud, and automation to give students the most pertinent knowledge relative to the market
  • Take advantage of Juniper’s program resources at no cost to qualified institutions


Join Our Academic Program

Explore Juniper Networks Academic Alliance program and take advantage of our easier, digitized learning platforms and products to provide your students with easy access to industry-leading technologies and resources and prepare them for their future careers. Register now at


For More Information

Learn more about the Juniper Networks Alliance program: E-mail us at