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Enabling the Modern Learner
Sep 25, 2017

Technology is impacting almost every aspect of life today, and education is no exception. Long gone are the days when a student's primary access to a formal education involves sitting in a traditional classroom. With the world at their fingertips, learners have entered the new age of anytime anywhere education.




Today’s modern learner represents the busy, distracted, and multi-device professional with needs, preferences, and behaviors that are constantly changing. With the digital revolution enabling them to take learning into their own hands, the need to align with the expectations of modern learning opportunities that are effective and efficient is great. Modern learners desire high-impact solutions that offer substance and relevance, all while helping them achieve their professional goals.


Juniper Networks Education Services

Juniper Networks Education Services provides a continuous learning model that enables the modern learner to maximize the value of their networks and operate them reliably and efficiently. Investing in different platforms and technologies that offer both flexibility and an interactive learning experience led to the launches of Juniper Networks’ On-Demand Training and the latest version of Junos Genius.


On-Demand Training

On-Demand Training courses provide hands-on, lab-based technical training whenever and wherever students want to learn. Each course includes self-paced, web-delivered instruction along with access to real online lab exercises. Students perform the same detailed lab exercises that are taught in instructor-led classes ensuring they receive the same level of knowledge and skills transfer as they would in a traditional classroom environment; all without the need to travel or attend a live session.


Junos Genius

Junos Genius is the continuous learning platform and app that helps students master Juniper technologies. The platform provides certification preparation resources and e-learning courses developed by Juniper technology experts that cover topics such as automation, routing, switching, and security. In addition to certification practice exams, the latest version of Junos Genius features video-based learning opportunities and Learning Bytes all accessed from the platform of their choice with cross-device functionality.



The modern learner is able to more effectively learn and take part in the future of innovation with learning platforms like On-Demand Training and Junos Genius. With modalities that fit their needs in terms of availability and accessibility, students are able to better engage with the material which leads to greater content retention and success.


As the world shifts to an era of immersive and experiential learning, there has never been a better and more exciting time to create and deliver innovative continuous learning and training solutions. With new modalities, Juniper Networks Education Services is proud to be on the leading edge of developing programs that address the needs of the modern learner.



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