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BLOG: Community Talk
From the Junos Cup Referee
Jun 18, 2014

Over the past week we've had about 400 solutions from Tournament 1 submitted. To my delight participants are coming up with alternative solutions, showing the resiliency of Junos, but I had to have an on-field conference with the Judges and here's the details:


  • Whenever alternative solutions meet ALL the requirements, they are accepted even if they do not match the official solution.
  • The alternative solutions will be published later this week.
  • If you are completely sure that you met all the requirements, that you did not share the answer with anybody, or learned about the answer from anybody, and you still weren't awarded the challenge, please send an email to junos-cup alias with "Challenge_Name: REVIEW" in the subject line.  The Judges will happily review individual cases.

As an editor, I've noticed the variety in how participants spell country names, but have decided no YELLOW cards for spelling errors. ; )

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