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BLOG: Community Talk
Happy Anniversary J-Net! Celebrating 10 years, 100K+ members, and a new look
Oct 16, 2017

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It was about this time 10 years ago when the J-Net Community launched. We are excited to celebrate with you, the members of our community because you have made it the fantastic resource that it is today, a collaborative space for connecting with your peers and colleagues to get your questions answered and share your expertise.


And since the celebration is really about you, our members, we asked one of our top contributors and subject matter expert, Steve Puluka (spuluka) to share his J-Net story:


“One of the great positive contributions of the internet remains the ability to form communities of shared interest that break down the geographic and time zone barriers of our large and diverse world. From my early forays into online life in the 90’s to the present I rejoice in these communities.


Shortly after I was introduced to Juniper Networks as a solution to my networking challenges, I began looking for more information and a community online. Thankfully, J-Net was there. As with other communities in my various interests, like minded engineers come together here for mutual support and sharing. I joined the conversation and found J-Net as a helpful forum to both expand and solidify my knowledge and skills with the various Juniper tools.


I gravitated to answering questions posted as a learning tool. Reading the posts, I would think “I should know how to do that.” And then figure it out with my lab devices posting the answer. And as I grew in skill, I would know the answers from the experience that I was getting on the devices. By answering questions in the lab, I was amplifying my work experience way beyond what was in use in my currently supported network. 


I also found that answering questions had another reward, it feels good to help other people. They appreciate the assistance and are able to advance their own skills too.


Over time I found that some of the configurations may not have been fully covered in the documentation.  Or some scenarios lacked a configuration example. J-Net responded by creating a forum to share configuration examples where we all posted these less common use cases. And later added the TechWiki for these expansions on the use case documentation.


In addition, J-Net is one way that Juniper Networks as a company listens to user feedback. Suggestions for changes, additions or features are posted and people responsible for documentation, technical support and certification engage. The documentation and certification teams even have dedicated forums to present ideas and solicit feedback. Juniper teams are serious about listening to customers and improvement across the board.


After a few years of participation in J-Net another side benefit appeared for me. It was my reputation as a network engineer. I was getting personal emails from fellow engineers asking questions on their issues and configurations. I’d get direct message requests to look at their posted questions. Or asking advice on applications or network career choices. When recruiters came looking for Juniper skill sets my participation in J-Net was showing up in their research on my profile. Twice over the years this has led to new opportunities advancing my own career.


My participation in the J-Net community continues to enable my professional growth and provide me with new colleagues across the globe. This community demonstrates the best of us online as we seek to share our experience and knowledge and help Juniper make their products and processes even better.”



Oct 19, 2017

I agree to Steve. J-net helps to upskill yourself by highlighting issues that others are facing in their deployments/networks rather than restricting one to their work environment.

Btw, loved the new look for J-Net.

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