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Introducing Amit Gumber, our May Fan-of-the-Month
May 7, 2016

juniper_newsfeed_fotm_amit_proof1.pngAmit Gumber, Juniper's Fan-of-the-Month

We are happy to introduce May’s Fan-of-the-Month, Amit Gumber. Amit is an avid participant in our community challenges and programs! He’s partaken in Lab Madness for the past two years, our Scavenger Hunt, both Network Design and Blog Challenges and recently contributed to our TechWiki with a solution article. He also helps out in the J-Net Community and you can find him on Twitter from time to time. That's quite a list!


We asked Amit to tell us a bit more about himself in this interview so we can all get to know him better:


How long have you been using Juniper products?

I have used Juniper products since 2009, mainly Ethernet switches such as EX3200 and EX4200 and other high-end models, in addition to working on Netscreen Firewalls.


What was the first Juniper product you worked with?

The first Juniper product I worked on was the Ethernet Switch EX3200 in the year 2009 and presently I am working with the EX8200 and EX4200.


What is your favorite thing about working with Juniper products?

My favorite thing while working with Juniper products is to do any change, even in a production environment, using the commit command for a few minutes to see the outcome of the change without any issues.


What advice would you give to others considering Juniper certifications?

My advice to those who are seeking Juniper Certification is to use and study authorized Juniper certification material provided by Juniper.


What Juniper product(s) do you dream of working with?

My dream of working on Juniper SRX Firewalls is still not fulfilled and I am eagerly waiting for this.


Congratulations to Amit for being chosen as our Fan-of-the-Month!

May 7, 2016

Congrats Amit !!

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