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Introducing Juniper Fan-of-the-Month for January
Jan 28, 2014

TomDwyerFanoftheMonth.jpgWe are pleased to announce our January Fan-of-the-Month, Tom Dwyer. Tom is also known as “traceoptions” on Twitter and in the J-Net Community and is very active on both properties.  Check out the number of Juniper certifications he has, very impressive! We appreciate his ongoing efforts and congratulate him as our Fan-of-the-Month.


We asked Tom to tell us more about him in this interview.


  1. How long have you been using Juniper products?
    I started working with Juniper products back in 2003.

  2. What was the first Juniper product you worked with?
    The first ScreenOS product was the NS25.  The first Junos based product was the M5.

  3. What is your favorite thing about working with Juniper products?
    Junos was built with an engineer in mind.  The hierarchy keeps things well organized. The commit model allows you to work on complex configurations and then activate them on your schedule.  Things go wrong, just rollback.

  4. What advice would you give to others considering Juniper certifications?
    The Juniper Day One guides, network configuration examples, and the books by Juniper are a great place to augment your studies.  Being a Juniper Certified Instructor I would say that the Juniper official curriculum provides the tools and the labs to get you ready for the certifications.  When you get to the JNCIE stage its about the culmination of all your previous studies, real world experience and lab time, more lab time and then some more lab time.  

  5. What Juniper product do you dream of working with?
    The MX2020



Jan 28, 2014

Congratulation Tom !!!

Jan 29, 2014

Congrat TOM !!!

Jan 30, 2014
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Congrats !! 

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