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Introducing Junos Cup 2014 Finalist - Ernst Oudhof
Jul 9, 2014

JunosCupWe are pleased to introduce Ernst Oudhof one of our three Junos Cup finalists that will compete for the “champion” title on Tuesday, July 15. We asked Ernst to tell us a bit about himself so the community can get to know him better. Congratulations to Ernst for making it to the top 3! We look forward to the BIG FINAL!



Netherlands.pngErnst Oudhof - Engineer at SecureLink - NetherlandsErnstOudhof


I have been designing and implementing networks for about 10 years and am currently working as an engineer for SecureLink in the Netherlands.  I have the following Juniper certifications: JNCIE-ENT, JNCIE-SEC, JNCSP-SP and hope to have an opportunity to achieve JNCIE-SP next year.


When not at work I love skiing, travelling and eating with friends.


I really liked the challenges the Junos Cup provided, it's been a great experience.