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Introducing our Fan-of-the-Month for February
Feb 8, 2016

Kashif Nawaz Juniper Fan-of-the-MonthWe are pleased to announce our February Fan-of-the-Month, Kashif Nawaz. Kashif is very active on our Facebook community, in J-Net and on LinkedIn. He has an impressive number of certifications and is also a member of our Ingenious Champion Community.


We asked Kashif to tell us a bit more about himself in this interview:


How long have you been using Juniper products?

I have been working on Juniper products since 2009.


What was the first Juniper product you worked with?

The SSG5 and EX3200 Switch were the first two devices I worked on.


What is your favorite thing about working with Juniper products?

The good thing about Junos based devices, is the rich feature set and many ways to implement the required business needs. The Junos hierarchical configuration style is amazing.


What advice would you give to others considering Juniper certifications?

By following the Juniper Certification track I found myself much more organized in my work and it always gives me an edge whether it is a troubleshooting situation or new solution consideration. Of course, my JNCIE-SEC has paid off for me and my family, as after passing my JNCIE-Sec lab exam I got a very good job with much enhanced emoluments. 


What Juniper product(s) do you dream of working with?

I dream to work on Service provider Super Core devices (PTX & T Series)


What advice would you give to others considering Juniper certifications?

I recommend that you follow the certification track, it will help you to organize your knowledge and let you think and work more scientifically during troubleshooting and designing/implementation of new solutions.


One amazing thing about my certifications is that for the last 3 years I signed up to take a certification exam on the 31st of December. After passing the exam around noon I was able to spend quality time with my kids and wife. They deserve much more quality time from me because without their support I could not focus on my passion to explore Junos and Juniper Products. I dedicate all my humble achievements to my wife because her continuous support enabled me to do all this.  Right now I am preparting for my JNCIE-SP lab exam.


Thank you for sharing your story Kashif and congratulations for being chosen as our Fan-of-the-Month!


Feb 2, 2016

Proud of you 1st team lead....Smiley Happy

Feb 3, 2016

I'd like to extend my congratulations to Kaashif for gaining continued recognition.


Well done sir !

Feb 4, 2016

Good work

Feb 8, 2016

wow!  great job.All the best for next exam !

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