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BLOG: Community Talk
Introducing our Support Chatbot
Apr 21, 2020


JDA_2.pngJuniper Support recently released a Chatbot to help customers and partners self-serve on many of the common support questions and enquiries. The Juniper Digital Assistant (JDA) Support Bot leverages Natural Language Processing to understand the customer’s needs. If the Bot can’t solve it, JDA Support Bot also includes 24/7 access to a Live Customer Care Agent.


Before chatting with an Agent, Customers and Partners can self-service on the following common problems and enquiries. 

  1. Password Assistance: Get help with resetting or changing your password or creating an account.
  2. Case Details: Get support case updates with links to the full case details page
  3. RMA Details: Get RMA status and other details including defective return instructions, with a link to the detailed RMA page.
  4. Product Details: Get serial number specific product support details, including entitlement and EOL/EOS information.
  5. Welcome Letter Resend: Request a copy of the J-CARE confirmation letter.  The Bot will send it to your email address.
  6. Find Software: Find a specific software  and check entitlement to that SW version as well as recommended SW versions for your needs. 

You can access the Juniper Digital Assistant Support Bot on the Juniper Support page – look for the chat button on the bottom-right of the page.