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J-Net Community Member Spotlight: mriyaz
Dec 3, 2019

To close out 2019, we are bringing back the Member Spotlight Series. Why? To recognize top performing community members in J-Net ... meaning they are always active in various discussion forums, willing to lend a helping hand! Congrats are in order to @mriyaz for his time and dedication and all around great efforts in the Discussion Forums!


Riyaz at the FINISH line at the Devil’s Circuit (a 5Km challenge run with 15 military style obstacles)Riyaz at the FINISH line at the Devil’s Circuit (a 5Km challenge run with 15 military style obstacles)

Riyaz has been a member of the J-Net Community since June 2015. He attended Louisiana State University where he honed his technical writing skills, thanks in large part to his 60-70pg Thesis report he had to complete upon graduating! In addition to his schooling, Riyaz worked at AT&T in San Jose, CA. When he moved back to India, Riyaz started work at Aruba Networks as a contractor doing Tech Support for 4 years and also worked as a Resident Engineer at Microsoft. While there, he got his first introduction to Juniper products. 


Now at Juniper Networks, Riyaz earned JNCIE's in both Enterprise and Data Center. Currently, he supports switching products in a technical support role. More recently, he's been supporting PTX routing products for customers. A typical work-day for Riyaz entails troubleshooting and solving customer's network problems, answering customer calls, emails, and lab work. Although his routine is set, each day provides something unique and different in terms of cases he receives. When solving a problem, Riyaz is learning and sharing his wealth of knowledge at the same time. But, if he's unfamiliar with any details of a product, he is constantly learning on a daily basis.


In his spare time, Riyaz is interested in routing, switching and automation. For fun, he loves to work on his fitness, either by walking, running or biking,. Cricket is one of his favorite sports to play - So much so, that he's a member of Juniper's very own Premier League team!


Riyaz w/ other Juniper employees (he is the 4th from left) at the Devil’s Circuit race/challengeRiyaz w/ other Juniper employees (he is the 4th from left) at the Devil’s Circuit race/challenge

Finally, we asked Riyaz what does the J-Net Community mean to him:

"J-Net gives me a chance to learn and share what I know, sometimes makes my day answering some challenging questions and sharing solutions for tricky network situations.  J-Net gives the Juniper community a chance to take a dig at troubleshooting and to solve each other’s real world network queries.  Its FUN!"


Stay tuned in 2020 for more Member Spotlight posts. The next one could be YOU!




Dec 5, 2019
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Thank you Jeremiah, appreciate your gesture to re-introdue the J-NET spotlights 🙂




Dec 6, 2019
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Dec 8, 2019

Great Job with your contributions Riyaz

Apr 8, 2020
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Congratulations Sir 🙂