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J-Net Community Member Spotlight: raviky
Mar 12, 2020

“I believe that the best way to grow in any field is by sharing your knowledge. If you are good at something, then help others…”

- Ravi Kant Yadav


The spotlight is on J-Net member raviky! Ravi has been participating in the community since mid-2019 and is currently on the leaderboard as one of the Top Solution and Top Kudoed Members.


Ravi began his career at a networking company and gradually began to enjoy the field as he had a keen interest in data communications, which was one of his favorite subjects. Prior to joining Juniper Ravi worked at Avaya for 5 years in Support as a Backbone Engineer, became a Network Lead and then an Escalation Engineer.Ravi cycling to stay fitRavi cycling to stay fitRavi’s day-to-day role is customer focused support which involves daily engagement with our customers. He handles priority cases and interacts via email and over the phone, works on lab replications and learns about customer networks and technologies. He likes scripting and automation which help him simplify and accelerate his work.

We asked Ravi why he participates and what he enjoys most about the community and he responded, “I believe that the best way to grow in any field is by sharing your knowledge. If you are good at something, then help others and in turn you help Juniper networking and the networking field as a whole. There are different types of technical inquiries and responses on the forum for a variety of products and you can learn as well as share.”



Ravi competing in the Devil's CircuitRavi competing in the Devil's Circuit

Ravi competing in Juniper's Got TalentRavi competing in Juniper's Got Talent

Ravi is from Jaipur, a historical place in India and currently works out of Juniper’s Bangalore office. When he’s not at work he enjoys music and plays multiple instruments including guitar. He participated in a Juniper’s Got Talent competition last year for singing and went on to the finale! As you can see by the photos, he also works on keeping fit. You can also find Ravi reading non-fiction books in his spare time.



Ravi, thank you for everything you do for our customers and the community!


Apr 8, 2020
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert

Congratulations Sir 🙂 

Apr 9, 2020
Distinguished Expert Distinguished Expert

Congrats and thanks for inputs and sharing your knowledge.

May 6, 2020
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Congratulations Sir 🙂 Thanks for sharing the knowledge.