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J-Net Member Spotlight - April 2014
Apr 23, 2014

jnet_spotlight_140x60jaylaiz.jpgWe are happy to introduce April's J-Net Spotlight member Jai Lasiram, also known as jayLaiz in the J-Net Community.  Jai is a Recognized Expert and has been involved in the community since 2009. He is extremely active in our SSL VPN forum.


We asked Jai to tell us a bit more about himself at work and at play.


In order to lead a happy life, it is important to love what we do at work. I enjoy my work and it gives me immense pleasure helping our customer's resolve their issues. A thank you or good feedback from the customer gives me utmost satisfaction. J-Net provides me with an opportunity to address customer's issues and learn from other members so I engage myself with J-Net whenever I can. I enjoy working with my team as we are all supportive of one another and help each other. The inspiration to keep learning and delivering excellence in support is what drives me. I believe that the best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good and hard work today.


When not working I catch up on movies (Fantasy and Super hero movies like LOTR, Avengers etc) and TV series (Vikings, Game of Thrones etc). I Love spending time with family and friends. I enjoy hiking, trekking and adventurous trips. As for Sports, I watch Football, NBA play-offs, Formula one and Moto GP. I love playing table tennis and am the current champion in the Bangalore JTAC team.


When Jai assists you with your technical questions you know you are in good hands so be sure to accept his solution, and throw in some Kudos while you are at it!


Congratulations and thank you for all you do in the J-Net Community!