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BLOG: Community Talk
J-Net Member Spotlight - July 2014 - Ron Frederick
Jul 25, 2014

J-Net Spotlight RonFrederick.jpgWe are pleased to introduce our July Spotlight member Ron Frederick, who is also known as ronf in the J-Net Community.  Ron is a Super Contributor and has been a member of the J-Net community since 2011. You will find him in a number of our forums assisting users with their technical questions.


We asked Ron to tell us a bit about himself and his work. Ron Frederick.jpeg


I work for M&S Technologies, a Texas based Juniper reseller.  I am responsible for helping many of our larger customers to design secure, scalable, and robust networks using Juniper products.


When not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends here in beautiful Austin, TX. 


If you come across Ron in the community say hello and congratulate him and if he happens to assist you with your technical questions make sure to accept his solution, and give him some Kudos too!


Congratulations Ron and thank you for all you do in the J-Net Community!


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