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BLOG: Community Talk
J-Net Member Spotlight - March 2014
Mar 24, 2014

J-Net Spotlight - Paul SmickerThis month’s J-Net Spotlight shines on community member and Trusted Contributor, Paul Smicker, known as Smicker. Paul has been involved in the community since 2010 and participates mainly in our Ethernet Switching forum but we also see him in SRX from time to time.  He recently popped up in our Top Kudoed Authors leaderboard so we wanted to give him a shout out as this month’s spotlight member.


We asked Paul to tell us a bit about himself and his work at Tesla.


 PaulSmickerTeslaFor the past seven years I’ve run Tesla Motor’s network and telephony services groups, helping us grow from 2 small buildings and 100 employees into a rapidly-growing global manufacturing, engineering, and retail brand. Tesla’s network operations’ team is one of the best, with expertise in many of the Juniper routing, switching, and security products that we use at sites in over twenty countries and four continents. Juniper and IAS have been key partners, helping us scale quickly and turn up new locations around the world. Like everyone at Tesla I rarely have any spare time, but when I do find it I enjoy either traveling, napping with my Schnauzer, or driving my gasoline-free sports car around the Bay Area.


If he helps you solve your technical issue be sure to accept his solution and keep giving him those Kudos!


Thank you for all you do in the J-Net Community!



Mar 27, 2014
Distinguished Expert

Awesome! Smicker has been a liufesaver for a number of contributors on the forums. I have learned a lot from him. I hope one day to be able to learn even a third of what he has forgotten. And also to  to toch the pedal of one of those gasoline free roadmasters!!! How bout it SmikerSmiley Happy

Mar 28, 2014
Distinguished Expert

Thanks for the kind words--if you're in the bay area I'll certainly take you for a spin Smiley Happy

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