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BLOG: Community Talk
J-Net Member Spotlight - May 2013
May 23, 2013

jnet_spotlight_140x60mikep.jpgOur May J-Net member spotlight is on Michael Pergament. Also known as “mikep” in the community, Michael is currently ranked a “Distinguished Expert” and has been participating in the community since 2009. He is very close to reaching 500 posts and is just shy of 300 kudos!  You will find Michael in numerous forums engaging in conversations and assisting users with their questions.


Michael joined Juniper in 2006 working mainly with large enterprise customers in the DACH region. Then in 2012, he moved as a Consulting Engineer to the Advanced Team EMEA focusing on Data Centers. His expertise includes Junos based products and Junos automation.


Remember to give Michael a Kudos or accepted solution when he helps you with your inquiries.


A big thank you and congratulations, we appreciate you and your active participation in J-Net.



May 31, 2013


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