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BLOG: Community Talk
J-Net Member Spotlight: jonashauge
Jan 31, 2020

"When you say a person is creative, you’d say someone who is singing, dancing, drawing, or any type of art. However, I like to be creative within the boundaries of the technology at my disposal where I can see where things fit in..." - Jonas Hauge-Klingenberg 


From the time Jonas was young, he always had an interest in technology. From fiddling with amplifiers and sticking things together, he always wanted to know how things work! In boarding school, he took theatre and music; he enjoyed both and was successful but his true enjoyment came from studio recording of the music. So, even in school, he found a way to immerse himself in technology or electronics. In addition, he loved being part of a team, the camaraderie of pulling together and getting things done. 


Jonas has been involved in the IT field for 15 years. At 19 years of age, he started full-time work at a Managed Hosting Provider in Denmark doing Service Desk tasks and customer support. His main areas of focus included server operation on both Windows and Linux/Unix, basic database maintenance, backup and restore operations, etc.


After a couple of years, he realized that networking was the best area for him to focus on. Jonas says, "Networking was the area that pushed the right buttons in my mind, and in 2007, I decided to pursue it full-time!" The following 6 years were spent on network operation and later implementation/design of network solutions. An opportunity to work for the Danish National Bank showed up, and did networking operations and security there for a couple of years. In 2016, he joined SEC DATACOM, where he currently is today. During his time here, he has worked on Juniper products, enjoying being able to mix and match what fits for resellers and customers alike or finding alternate solutions to get the best fit for customers.


It is hard for Jonas to capture a day in the life at work, since everyday brings a new and exciting challenge; each day is different. It is especially difficult when the place you work is also a place you are so passionate about.  When this is the case, you tend to work on your hobbies in the evenings and/or weekends! Jonas is asked to conduct customer meetings, help designing solutions, understanding how to migrate from a legacy product to a new one with new requirements, discerning whether a product can do "x,y, and z", and giving feedback to a vendor/customer/partner whether or not this is a right solution, or just testing it if no one can answer it.


I asked Jonas of a time where he went above and beyond to get a job done. There was a customer who called on a Friday and asked for a specific product in stock. Jonas unfortunately had to give the news that he didn't have the exact product in stock. He eventually came up with a suggestion for an alternate one which could fit in, but it would require some onsite configuration. Once Jonas finished preparation, he flew out to the data center of that customer, catching a late afternoon flight out - with alternate solution in hand - and went straight to the data center and stayed, working until 6am in the morning! He then got a few hours of sleep and caught a flight back home, just in time to tuck his children in bed Sunday night. Three words: What. A. Weekend! Jonas did all this with a smile on his face, noting "I like the part where I have to do something extraordinary every now and then."


Jonas and Fam.JPG


In his spare time, Jonas volunteers every year at a popular festival in Northern Europe, the Roskilde Festival (the largest music festival in Northern Europe, with around 130,000 participants and where 180 bands perform every year!) This festival utilizes Juniper products such as EX, SRX, and MX which allowed him to gain hands-on experience to develop and understand how these products worked. He works alongside a 20-30 person IT team where they do overall planning, capacity expansion, refreshing equipment, etc. When asked what keeps him motivated to volunteer 15 years in a row, he says: "It's the community. The challenge of having to deliver on an agressive deadline, meeting the overall demands of a festival, the build up. The team spirit around getting the festival up and running weighs more than the music, food, and drinks."


Funny pic of Jonas.JPGRoskilde Festival.jpg



Jonas has been a valued member of the J-Net Community since 2016. He used this as an opportunity to push his boundaries and to keep himself sharp. He loves the challenge of trying to figure out and explain what a fellow peer is trying to do and then figuring out and explaining what he needs to do to allow his peer to achieve their goal. At the root of it all, Jonas is passionate about giving back, helping others and making things better, both professionally and personally. He says he's not only giving back to the community, he's giving back to himself since he is learning - Every single day.


In his spare time, Jonas likes to watch unique documentaries such as airplane technology or gene therapy, etc. He and his wife Carina are both good at getting things done in the background and out of the spotlight. He has learned, however, that it's OK to be recognized and to be proud of what you do!


Thank you Jonas for continuing to keep our community vibrant and engaged! 😄